Friday, 29 April 2011

Empire Kindergarten

I had a good week since we last spoke. The work week went quickly with the Easter holiday last weekend, and somewhere around Tuesday or Wednesday I got an email from an editor who is interested in a story I had submitted to him. He said he'd be happy to buy it if I made a few changes.

Now, one thing I don't understand is a writer who wants to be published but would say no to such a thing. I write stories for many reasons, some of them are like pieces of my soul, others are for pure fun. Some are both. It doesn't really matter to me. I want people to read my work, and if an editor thinks that he or she can improve it, then so much the better.

Does that make me a sell out? I don't think so. Not if my intention is to sell stories and gain readers.

So, I ended up making the changes the editor requested. I also sent the manuscript out to a few friends for their opinions, making certain that it was as polished as could be. I want this sale to the very marrow of my bones.

If I don't get it, another anthology will come around, I'm sure. A magazine might be interested in it. But I can be certain that I did my best to get this one sold.

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  1. Unless the changes are something that would completely change what you were going for in the piece, and recreating it in to something else entirely, I wouldn't consider it selling out at all.
    Most of the time, the editor will know what they are talking about, though there is the odd case where it's for personal gain, or a sense of power over the author who would do anything to be published, as most authors will.
    If you're satisfied with what you've produced with the changes, then I'm sure it'll be just fine. :)