Friday, 9 December 2011

The Transition

I've been going through a strange time lately. A time of transition. A reminder of the past and a look into the future.

First, the past:
For some reason, I've had a few old friends contact me, or I them, through Facebook. I've had short and brief conversations with each, but all of them have brought on a flood of memory. It reminded me how much I miss my adolescence and my old friends. It was a completely different time back then and I was a completely different person. I feel that back then I was a bit of a drama-queen, while today I am an indifferent, sometimes apathetic asshole.

Of course, I make jokes at myself, but there is a serious change in my personality over the years. Where back then I thrived on emotion, these days I like to have fun more than anything else.

Which leads me to the future:
I've been struggling, in a fun way, to make stories previously published in magazines, e-zines, and anthologies by yours truly into an anthology all my own. A physical anthology along with an eBook anthology. My plan is thus:

First, I will publish each story as a single and then as a collection of three on the Kindle store at Once I have nine, plus the tax return numbers I need from the IRS, I will publish the entire thing in one single volume. Both, of course, in eBook and physical format. The physical format will only be available with all nine stories, but if you have an Amazon Kindle, you'll be able to get all nine for your device, and probably for much cheaper as singles, triples, or all nine collected.

Apparently, this is a trend.

I will let you know all updates as I know them. I will also let you know if, and when, I will have my short stories available for the Kobo and the Nook.

This look into the future, in itself, is a scary adventure. But I hope to have the first Kindle shorts up sometime next week. Again, I'll let you know, if you're interested.

The past month or so has been a real adventure in reflection, in hopes and fears of the past and future. I'm looking forward to revisiting the past as well as heading face-first into the future. Of course I fear failure on both counts. That, in fact, is my biggest fear of all. But I'm possessed, and I can only hope that the demons possessing me are correct in their own estimations.

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